Why rewilders should be vegan

Rewilding and veganism are like two sides of a mutually symbiotic relationship between a cleaner fish and a mantaray. The vegans clear all the vacuous animal agriculture from the rewilder’s back and in return, they feed the soul from a vibrant recovering ecosystem. Here is a list of reasons why, if you’re a vegan, you should support rewilding, or if you’re a rewilder, you should embrace veganism. A UK case study.


Brexit and the fear of the non-native – why lynxes, wolves and wildcats should be given ‘British citizenship’ and rewilding, a passport

A curious legal artefact introduced by the coalition government; ‘The Infrastructure Act’ of 2015, classes species at one time native in plenty, once driven extinct, as outlaws in their own lands.

Brexit and the fear of the non-native – why beavers, boar, buzzards and bears should be given ‘British citizenship’ and rewilding, a passport

There is a strange anti-native malaise sweeping the UK. Brexit built on this anti-immigration rhetoric, perpetuating fears that ‘open doors’ meant closed doors on job opportunities for a perceived ‘British citizen’, locked doors on housing and swinging the UK wide open to terrorism. All these issues are complex and multifaceted in a way the campaigns in the lead up to the EU Referendum failed to communicate – instead we were given a scapegoat on which to pour all our problems. These fears, I believe, have become part of an ideology that extends into all aspects of our British culture – a culture of fear, blame and ignorance. And it extends into the realm of conservation too.